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"Telling It Like It Is"

Thank you for Joining us for this FREE workshop and showcase hosted by Lunenburg Doc Fest and proudly supported by West Nova Fuels and Nova Scotia Communities, Culture and Heritage. The event was a resounding success!

Sept 10 & 11, 17 & 18 and 25

Lunenburg Doc Fest encourages local youth to consider the many stories that surround them every day and to celebrate those stories with their community through documentary film.  

The 3rd annual Youth Documentary Workshop for youth ages 13-18 features an even more exciting and educational experience! This year, up to 12 teens will create and screen short animated documentaries around the theme Telling It Like It Is — sharing “digital expressions” from today’s generation of youth.

The workshop focuses on short, stop-motion, animated documentaries. Stop-motion animation requires that participants physically manipulate objects so that they appear to move on their own. The objects are moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.

The teens work together in small groups — production teams — over two weekends under the guidance of professional art educators and IT instructors. First, they explore story making and film techniques. Next, the participants explore and experiment through hands-on introductions to the techniques and styles of clay, paper, Lego, whiteboard and pixelation methods. The youth develop simple documentary ideas; create storyboards; craft the characters and props; script the dialogue or narration; build the sets and backgrounds; and shoot the films. Each frame is shot individually! Finally, the entire film is edited together with titles, music and credits added to complete the process. 

Each of the completed documentaries premieres at LDF on September 25th where the youth participants will be introduced and take part in a brief question and answer (Q&A) period following the screening. The films will also be posted on LDF’s YouTube channel and each participant will be given a copy of all the films. The youth also have a chance to see their films screen at other festivals!

LDF’s Youth Program includes the presentation of a $1000 bursary award given to the strongest Nova Scotian applicant pursuing secondary film or media studies, plus free tickets to workshop participants and children under 12 to attend the Youth Program screening. 

Chickens Before Money

Ghosts of Lunenburg

Street Interview

Lunenburg Doc Fest recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.

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