Bluenose Opera House Interview

Pamela Segger and Deb Beers - Festival Co-Chairs

Pamela Segger and Deb Beers - Festival Co-Chairs

Co-Chairs, Deb Beers and Pamela Segger, were delighted to co-host the Bluenose Opera House radio show to spread the word about Lunenburg Doc Fest.

The Bluenose Opera House, "inspired by the 'Grand Ole Opry', but with the colourfully salty heritage of Atlantic Canada”, promotes artistic talent and cultural happenings in the Maritimes. Listen in and you will hear guest co-hosts of all kinds: musicians, artists, storytellers, civic leaders, inspiring volunteers, and more.

Lunenburg Doc Fest thanks the “BOH” and show creator and host, Paul Kellogg, for the support and the opportunity.

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